With an insane, over the top, nonsensical response to the covid19 outbreak initiated by the U.S. government and its bureaucracies, mass media provoked hysteria and a massive economic downturn, the icing on the cake is slowly being applied.

With no legitimate testing or research to back up their rhetoric, a “team of researchers” has claimed that sars-cov-2 (supposedly a new name for the Wuhan coronavirus/ covid-19/ etc. just to add to the confusion) “originated through natural processes”.

In spite of the fact that many true legitimate tests and studies have been performed proving that the wuhan coronavirus could be nothing but man-made, the mass media will now attempt to change the narrative to suit their end game, which could be nothing less than the collapse of our society as we have known it.

In order to facilitate this agenda the root cause of our current crisis must be “natural” with the true villains, whoever they may be, obfuscated by propaganda and media spin.

As stated weeks ago, it’s up to us to determine what our future will be. Will we buy the lies and submit to a new tyrannical authority, or will we seek and demand the truth, the respect and the common decency the founders of this country wished for us? It’s up to us, and only our actions will lead to our salvation.

Published by Jon Collins

Seeking the truth beyond the story and the story behind the truth.

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