If the goal of the reaction to the “covid-19 pandemic” was to prevent catastrophe, then the failure of that endeavor may be so epic as to never be properly summed up in words.
If the goal was to create a global catastrophe by way of a disease in order to consolidate power by expanding the authorities of the state, to erode economic freedoms by destroying small businesses and restricting travel and to reduce the global population while consolidating the wealth of the people into the hands of a select few then, well…spot on.

If the latter is true, this goal could only be accomplished by mass compliance, which could only be accomplished through the control of information. No rational citizen would willingly comply with the processes that would bring about such circumstances, especially when said circumstances have become overwhelmingly evident.
Mass compliance can only be gained by censoring rational debate and using consolidated “mass media” organizations to control all points of information. Over the past two years, ample evidence has been provided that this type of control exists and is continuing to grow to an oppressive degree. Here is one small example that sums it up well.

Even with informational control, the self-evident reality of the fraud due to lack of initial excess disease-related fatalities and the oppressive, irrational response of the state would be difficult to justify. This “pandemic” would need to not only become real, but would need to continue unchecked in the vein of the “war on terror“.

Disease is unpredictable. If the desire is to create control, an unstable force such as a semi-natural viral disease is a poor way to accomplish that desire. But, what if there is a controllable disease, one that does not rely on inconsistent delivery methods and cannot be easily overcome by the body’s own natural defenses?

As shown in a recent post, the covid mrna jab is not what is defined as a “vaccine”. It and its subsequent “boosters” have been described by Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of MRNA technology, as being “experimental” and “unnecessary” for all but those extremely at risk of death. In addition, VAERS, the only official vaccine adverse reaction reporting site, has already logged over 16,000 deaths and 700,000 injuries related specifically to the covid MRNA shot. This comes on the heels of an independent investigation which alleges that the reporting system could be under-reporting events by as much as 40x.
In 2020, the U.S. logged less death-by-disease than in 2019, exposing the “pandemic reaction” for the fraud that it was. In 2021, with over half of the U.S. population “vaccinated”, we are set to see an annual increase in death-by-disease of over 1.5%.

Operation Lockstep” is one of several written and disseminated agendas that reveal how well the events we have been witness to were planned in advance. The fact that our current situation is the result of a planned program is undeniable. The following is what we have witnessed:

1. Staged pandemic-like events in communist-controlled China, subtly broadcast on the mass-media to subliminally prepare the U.S. population for what is to come.

2. A sample of a lab-created coronavirus provided to an Indian university to dissect. It is then leaked that it came from a bio-weapons lab in Wuhan and claimed that it is the disease that is causing the “pandemic” in China. This is not covered in the mass-media, instead the independent media is allowed to assume this is part of a cover-up and spreads the idea to their followers. After the idea has firmly taken hold with a well-informed segment of the population, the report is “withdrawn” to invalidate it and categorize those who refer to it as “conspiracy theorists”. This will be used later to validate the “pandemic” reaction.

3. Health agencies prepare for mass testing of the population by formulating testing results standards that will consolidate all points of testing and research and provide the desired outcome. When testing is done by those outside of the control sphere, agencies ensure a test is used that will show an extremity of false positives, adding to the hysteria. This will convince all compartmentalized workers that a pandemic exists.

4. The mass media slowly begins introducing the idea that the new disease, now called covid-19, has escaped China and is creeping it’s way into every country.

5. The hysteria begins by creating large media events, such as delaying a cruise ship for “quarantine” purposes and having controlled pundits publicly claim that there will be mass death from the now inevitable pandemic.

6. Health agencies begin to slowly introduce the premeditated solution to this creeping “pandemic” – mass testing, quarantines, travel restrictions, asinine lockdowns and nonsensical subservience.

7. Health and insurance agencies provide financial incentives to healthcare facilities for all “pandemic”-related deaths. Combined with the controlled test results and the false-positives from non-controlled tests, this entices them to classify all positive-tested deaths as pandemic related, adding to the hysteria and providing ammunition for the mass-media followers against those who claim it’s a fabrication: “My _________ died from covid-19!”

8. Health agencies slowly introduce the idea that our only hope is a vaccine, and for some unstated reason we all must take it for it to be effective.

9. Pharmaceutical giants convince legislators to create vaccine indemnification law, holding all manufacturers harmless.

10. As facilities begin to distribute the “vaccine”, unknown at first to those distributing it, large amounts of harmless placebos are included and distributed to the public. This mitigates the horrible side effects and provides mass-media followers who receive the placebo with more informational ammunition: “I got the shot and I’m fine!”

11. To provide cover for the rising reports of side effects and to strengthen the idea that covid-19 actually exists as a public contagion, the mass media begins to discuss the fact that covid-19 came from a bio-weapons lab and is now somehow morphing into a new “variant”. The previous step of leaking this information to independent media and embedding the idea in the minds of the well-informed will serve to greatly facilitate this process.

The true pandemic and the endgame of this whole endeavor is the consolidation of power and wealth by:

The creation of a perpetual state of affliction, using the health-deteriorating mrna boosters to continually cause illness and death that will be blamed on “variants”.

The promotion of the idea that only a consolidation of power in leftist-controlled government is the solution to the state of affliction.

The management of this state of affliction through governmental control and mass media misinformation and subterfuge, in an attempt to manipulate or bully more individuals into taking the shots, perpetuating the affliction and perceived need for control.

To use the state of affliction to extract the public’s wealth by raising health care costs for the treatment of their affliction, passing on the costs to the healthy through oppressive insurance rates and raising commodity costs, justified by the artificial shortages created by governmental shutdowns of private business.

This will be done slowly, methodically and in a manner that allows those fully committed to the fraud to provide themselves with a plausible deniability, an excuse to continue this barbarous practice of poisoning themselves and their families, even after the truth becomes overwhelmingly evident.

If you feel that this is an evil, despicable plan that could only be thought out and perpetrated by those in league with very dark forces, then you are normal.
It is normal to crave truth and justice, to reject suffering and embrace healing. This normality makes you an enemy of the dark, evil forces that have taken control of our world.

These forces want to create a new normal, a new class of genius. These new geniuses will scold us for not wearing paper and cloth masks while walking alone on the street or driving alone in our cars, a process they feel protects them from an irrational fear embedded in their broken psyche. They will force their children to take the mrna shot and when one is injured by it, they will still force their other children to take it as well. They will quickly buy into the idea that everyone must take this shot in order for it to work and when it does not, they will look without at the conveniently mass-media-highlighted antithesis of their neurosis; The normal. To the irrational new genius it will be the healthy, well-informed normal folks who have not taken the shots that are the cause of their dire situation. The normal shall be cast by the mass-media as their enemy, and the new geniuses will try to hold the normal accountable for their self-created woes. They will be encouraged by their mass-media handlers to impose their new genius on the normal, to take from the normal all that they, the new geniuses, have already sacrificed in vain.
And it will not be until all is lost, that they will learn…
But to the normal who rise and decry this evil, who shout now from the rooftops of its coming, without regard for the approval of a culture ruled by evil, remember this-
 “Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life”
Revelation 2:10

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Seeking the truth beyond the story and the story behind the truth.

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