What is it? The Wuhan Coronavirus is a biologically engineered virus that is highly infectious and contagious. It has been shown to mimic traits of HIV, with that study becoming more validated as many infected see a recurrence after supposed recovery.

How did it get released? Professionals and experts such as Dr. Francis Boyle have suggested that a lack of sufficient containment protocol in Chinese bio-weapons facilities enabled contaminated material to be removed and “re-purposed” by local residents. This, due to the up to 24 day incubation period, then led to the unwitting spread of the virus before the issue could be properly identified and contained.

Will I get it? It would be naive to believe that any one of us who has contact with others throughout our day will not at some time be exposed to this virus. It would also be naive to believe that initial infection will cause death in any healthy individual. A new report by the New England Journal of Medicine has suggested that initial infection is no more deadly than a bad case of the flu.

What does initial infection mean? This is not a naturally occurring organism and thus does not affect the body naturally. According to recent reports, once an individual becomes infected they may seem to recover only to have the virus re-emerge at a later date. Due to the limited time we have had to study exposure, the re-infection rate and severity has yet to be determined. This, I believe, is the hidden danger behind this “virus”. Even after recovery, it may not go away and could be a potential life-long affliction (to be treated by perpetual pharmaceuticals).

Why wasn’t the U.S. on lock-down to prevent exposure and spread? The President, who is in charge of our borders, only wants what he believes is best for our country. That said, he is not a medical or biological expert and relies on his advisors to provide him with good information. They did not. Whether their failure was intentional or not is up for discussion but what is certain is that once this virus begins to cause mass panic and economic trouble, the enemies of the President will use it to criticize his response and attempt to derail his re-election.

What does the future hold? That is up to us. Do we allow the pharmaceutical industry to control the response to this crisis and make us life-long dependents on their drugs, or do we seek natural cures and physical independence? Do we listen to the mass-media spin and lose faith in the President, or do we continue on the path towards success and a bright future? It’s up to us, and our responses to this situation will greatly determine the future of our nation.

Published by Jon Collins

Seeking the truth beyond the story and the story behind the truth.


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