He pleaded for them to stop and begged for his life as they pinned his neck to the ground. He was killed by the police but there were no protests, no riots, no outcry. It’s not because he was “white”. It’s because the organizations promoting the current riots and protests could not create division andContinue reading “DID TONY TIMPA’S LIFE MATTER?”

AG Barr to American People: Don’t Look Behind this Curtain, Nothing to See Here

Claims “perfect storm”, Epstein hangs self with paper pajamas https://www.newswars.com/barr-ends-all-conspiracy-theories-jeffrey-epstein-killed-himself-in-perfect-storm-of-screw-ups/

Keene Sentinel and City Council Fail to Investigate 5G Health Concerns

Claim failure to investigate due to lack of “medical expertise” https://www.sentinelsource.com/news/local/keene-council-begins-prepping-for-g-future/article_5a209312-0c21-5ce0-814d-155f38fb3d3e.html