He pleaded for them to stop and begged for his life as they pinned his neck to the ground.

He was killed by the police but there were no protests, no riots, no outcry.

It’s not because he was “white”. It’s because the organizations promoting the current riots and protests could not create division and anarchy using Tony Timpa’s death the way they are using Floyd’s.

A small number of police are out of control and need to be re-trained or fired, but that is not the purpose of the current political, racist and violent chaos.

The purpose is to divide the people of this nation politically and to further destroy the commonality of a yearning for liberty, decency and justice for everyone that once made this nation great. To demonize and marginalize a group of people that have historically created societies based on liberty, decency and justice. To further the end of Western Civilization, the only world-wide civilization in history that has ended slavery and promised equal societal stature for all.

George Floyd’s death may have been an accident, but the controlled reaction is not.

Published by Jon Collins

Seeking the truth beyond the story and the story behind the truth.

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