The term “leftist”, in a political ideological sense, was popularized during the French revolution. The Jacobins, anarchists, satanists and other radicals who had come to rule the “people’s” side of the struggle adopted this term and those who continue their practices use it to this day.

The Jacobin movement evolved from the crux of our subject, the one underlying force that has affected all of history for over 300 years, Sabbatean Frankism. Unproclaimed in their loyalties to their beliefs and desires, the Sabbatean Frankists have become the rulers of our world through infiltration and obfuscation.
Their primary tactics are deception and infiltration, and their primary desires are to do the bidding of their master.
The beliefs and goals of the Sabbatean Frankist allow them to claim to be a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, or a pagan. They use these tactics of deception to consolidate resources, so as to promote their cause.
They gladly welcome all “sides” into their different groups, and deftly work at playing all groups against each other while working in secretive unison to be the benefactors of the victors and the vanquished.
They strive to create confusion and ignorance, to redefine sensibility and destroy common sense. So when we attempt to rationalize the growing trend by those in control to offer solutions that only worsen our problems, now we know the impetus.

Most have been told that leftism equals liberalism, though historically and truthfully this correlation is horribly inaccurate. To be liberal is to be open-minded, compassionate and accepting, all qualities completely antithetical to the Sabbatean Frankist movement. This is crucial in their strategy, to lure well-intentioned individuals to their cause through deception. They have no greater disdain for these types, and use them as shields to hide their true intentions.

There was never a well established “political right” until the left decided it needed an ideological antithesis, and created one. The “right” is only the foil for the “left”, and is topped by the same crown.

If we view humanity as a garden then we know our enemy; The weeds. The weeds lie underground and wait for us to turn away before creeping out of the soil. They disguise themselves as useful and it is not until they have fully taken over that they destroy all that is beautiful.
We also know that in order to remove a weed, we must understand its root and tentacles. We must spend the time and effort to dig deep and uncover what it is and what makes it grow, because until we pull the root we are just trimming the weeds, and they will continue to grow…

Published by Jon Collins

Seeking the truth beyond the story and the story behind the truth.

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