It begins…
Dr. Joseph Mercola, the leader in health education and the dispersal of factual health and medical related information, is being forced to remove all archived information from his website.

This is a destructive blow to the knowledge and education of millions and will only lead to more of the same.

This will also greatly affect the Monadnock Report, as we have linked to hundreds of Mercola articles over the years.

A poster on Mercola.com passed along the following for those who wish to save any content from the website:
“If you want to save a Mercola article that does not have a PDF link at the top of the article, here is how to do it with the Firefox browser:
2) Click Print…  
3) In the Destination drop down, select Save to PDF.  
5) Specify where you want the PDF saved to.
6)Click Save.  
Note, if you want to also capture the article references and/or comments, expand those before going through these steps. Hope this is helpful.
There is a similar feature that can be added to the Chrome browser, but since Chrome is a Google product I would stay away from it. And as someone else mentioned, don’t store this content in the cloud. Store it on your computer or a USB drive. Unfortunately, it looks like much of the content is already gone.
I feel like war has been officially declared on all of us.”

Published by Jon Collins

Seeking the truth beyond the story and the story behind the truth.

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