9 months ago I joined many others in warning everyone that forced vaccinations and vaccine cards were on the horizon.
The mass media caught wind of these revelations and immediately ridiculed the messages and attempted to discredit the messengers, which succeeded with the majority of their followers.
Now the mass media is not only revealing the very same message as factual, they’re promoting it as a good thing.
This was not unexpected knowing these media groups have committed the same act over and over again, at first ridiculing the revelation of a horrible program or initiative until it is their time to fall into lockstep with their masters and proclaim it as the next great thing. I am not surprised by the actions of the sell-out, soulless mass media, but what about their followers?
These are the individuals who scoffed at the notion of “vaccine cards” and “forced vaccinations” just 9 months ago and now are not only believing it but embracing it.
Can they be made by their mass-media handlers to accept anything, as abhorrent as it may be?
If so, can they be saved and awoken from this twisted manipulation?
Or, more importantly, do they really even want to be saved?

I’m beginning to believe… they do not.

Published by Jon Collins

Seeking the truth beyond the story and the story behind the truth.

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