A health care center in the Detroit area was using vitamin c to treat covid-19 patients “with great results”, but that easily-accessible, harmless natural treatment was unacceptable to the medical cabal that now runs our nation. On April 23rd, the FBI raided Allure Medical Spa, shutting down the successful treatments.

Meanwhile, a youtube video produced by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center explains how its UV light product called “Healight” can be used as a First-in-Class treatment against viruses and bacteria, including the coronavirus, by inserting the catheter device into the lungs that exposes the bronchial tissue to UV-A radiation. Due to the popularity and success of this treatment, Youtube has banned this video, claiming it violates its corporate master’s directives (community guidelines).

Of course, the upcoming attempted mass-vaccination which Bill Gates claims may adversely affect and kill many of those inoculated won’t be banned. The FBI won’t raid health centers when they inject what some have called “the mark of the beast” digital tracking tags into our bodies. In fact, the FBI will be there watching our every move, and they’ll make sure we take it.

What a lovely world this contrived medical system is creating for us.

Published by Jon Collins

Seeking the truth beyond the story and the story behind the truth.

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