Please join in sending the following message to all of our state and federal representatives:

As the government continues with what can only be described as a self destructive grasp for tyranny, the truth and facts behind the Wuhan coronavirus are starting to come to light.

The British BBC and the Associated Press are now reporting that the virus was indeed manufactured and originated in a lab in Wuhan.

Doctors all over the country are relaying their experiences with their state health departments and the CDC, alleging these organizations are directing doctors to list covid-19 as a cause of death if the deceased was in any way symptomatic, even if a patient has not tested positive. This action is reported to be increasing the assumed covid-19 death total by over 50%.

Not only are these facts coming to light, they are becoming well known and widespread. The result of the aforementioned action is an enabling of mass-media hype and hysteria and government overreach that is causing a massive economic catastrophe in our country. The acts leading to these conditions can only be called subversion.

If you are unaware of these facts then you are not doing your job, and that fact will be held against you during your next attempt at re-election. If you are aware and are working to remedy the situation please let your voice be heard. If you are aware of individuals that are in any way complicit please let them know the best outcome of this situation would be prosecution for subversion, the worst will be a divide between the government and the people that legal action may not be able to repair.

This is not some political game, this is in many cases what people have worked their whole lives towards that you are affecting with your actions, and you will be held responsible at the polls and in the courts. Please learn the facts and start taking this seriously, before we reach an economic point that we cannot return from.

Published by Jon Collins

Seeking the truth beyond the story and the story behind the truth.

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