Is the CDC counting flu and other virus deaths as covid-19 deaths?

The CDC estimated that up to 63,000 people would die from the flu between 10/2019 and 4/2020, but only 20,000 did. Somehow, the numbers fell well short of what they had predicted. 40,000 short.

Or did they? Could it be that anyone with covid-19-like symptoms is being counted as having covid-19, even if they don’t?

The admitted procedure that all health care facilities are commanded to follow is: if anyone shows any symptoms of covid-19 (symptoms which mimic the flu and pneumonia very closely) they are automatically considered “presumptive positive” and are to be either quarantined, isolated or tested. If tested, most tests are sent to a remote CDC location to be confirmed and relayed to the facility which can take days if not weeks.

The question then becomes, if someone is admitted to a hospital in a terminal state with presumptive symptoms, are they automatically tested? What if they die before the results are returned? What if they die before they can be tested? Is their death then being reported as a covid-19 death, even though that fact was not determined? Also, how many of the reported deaths which were confirmed were also tested for the flu or other viruses?

It is very possible if not highly likely that many of the deaths being reported as due strictly to covid-19 are in fact due to other diseases.

If our government didn’t become dictatorial overnight and attempt to destroy our economy, the answers to these questions may not be so urgently needed. But they did. And they are. We need to know the truth behind this situation, and if we don’t demand it now, we’ll never see the country we knew again.

Published by Jon Collins

Seeking the truth beyond the story and the story behind the truth.

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