In the U.S. the borders remain wide open, travelers from highly infected nations are not being screened and citizens are not being tested until they exhibit extreme symptoms, by which time they have likely infected everyone they have been in close contact with.

This is not the black plague or ebola and is not immediately hazardous to 99% of the population. What is hazardous is the panic that a sudden mass outbreak would cause.

With the recent announcement that test kits will be available to the general public, the revelation that most of us are already infected will soon be disclosed. The total confirmed cases will multiply by 1000% overnight, causing mass panic, quarantines and economic disaster.

With Big Pharma waiting in the wings to distribute their ready-to-go vaccines and Big Tech ready to control the narrative, the perfect storm of panic and deception will be unleashed on the American public.

Using only the information at hand I have unfortunately been correct with all of my coronavirus predictions so far and do not see that changing with this post.

The question then remains, if I can predict these outcomes just from the information at hand, shouldn’t those charged with the prevention of these situations be able to predict it as well?

The answer is: Yes, they already have and yes, this is intentional.

Published by Jon Collins

Seeking the truth beyond the story and the story behind the truth.

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