Change is inevitable.

With change, comes choice.

Today, a convenient opportunity is being presented to groups and individuals in the field of health and politics who were at one time considered “fringe” or “anti-establishment”.

It is the opportunity to join with a new, rising movement of groups and individuals, some seeking truth and liberty and others seeking to ride the wave of fame and fortune that populism provides.

This movement, like many others before it, claims semantic copyright over terms such as “freedom” and “health” and entices followers to join under the protective and lucrative umbrella of such monikers, but only with a caveat:
Stick to the script

With all defined movements, a leadership class emerges and sets agendas and policies. This new “health freedom” movement is no different.
Its leaders have worked the phones and emails of all of its most influential and loudest members and have relayed the caveat – a set of talking point commands that must be followed lest the movement itself be lost.

The first commandment of this caveat is the most contentious and divisive:
Thou shalt not say there is no virus

The idea that a “covid-19 virus” has never been properly isolated and identified as a disease-causing pathogen, which bore intensive, deconstructive research and irrefutable truths, is a difficult concept for most to accept. It is completely contrary to our long taught beliefs that viruses are microscopic organisms that can be transmitted between living beings and cause disease.

Difficult, contrary, but also…logical, practical and…wonderful.

What if there were no “covid-19 virus”? This is not to say that disease does not exist, only to say that what has been defined by virologists as a “covid-19 virus” is not a cause of any disease.
In this scenario, who gains?
And every other individual who just wants to live a free and peaceful life.

Who loses?
It’s not the vitamin peddlers, because disease still exists and vitamins are still beneficial.
It’s not the alarmists or political populists, because there is still a horrible, evil group of maniacs trying to rule our world.
It’s the control system that loses, it’s control.
The complex and oppressive system of control that has been created around us to protect the public from the “covid-19 virus” loses, because if there is no disease-causing “covid-19 virus”, there is no need for the system.

So our next question would be – Who wouldn’t want that?

The controllers, and everyone who benefits from that control.

The leadership of the new populist “health-freedom” movement is molding a new mainstream, and with it, a new “anti-establishment” establishment control system designed to influence its most popular figures. The movement, born of a desire for truth and freedom, has been co-opted just as all others before it.

Memos, commandments and talking points be damned, a minority of individuals are breaking from the new narrative of this movement and are choosing truth and integrity over the promised trappings of populism.

Others are towing the company line for no other reason than…they want to be part of the new mainstream. There is no reason for them to oppose the questioning or research being conducted other than they want to be on the authoritative, profitable side of a movement that was ironically born from a desire for liberty and altruism.

Unfortunately, Dr. Joseph Mercola, who has provided so many valuable contributions to the world of natural health information, has decided to side with the new mainstream. He has decided not only to disagree with narratives that contradict the new mainstream, but to condemn them. He recently endorsed a personal attack against Dr.s Tom Cowan and Andrew Kaufman, an attack led by easily disproven lies and analysis so faulty that it made the presenter look foolish.

Mercola’s actions are disappointing although, unfortunately, they are not unexpected. He has been very quick to acquiesce to establishment pressure over the years, removing or re-defining products as well as removing years worth of valuable health-related content from the internet, all at the behest of whichever establishment was in authority at the time. (Serendipitously and years later, the removed content can now be accessed “for a price”.)

Mercola is a private business owner and can run his business how he wishes, but when he made the decision to attack those who seem to only want the truth he made his decisions personal and, to this writer, borderline treacherous.

Published by Jon Collins

Seeking the truth beyond the story and the story behind the truth.

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