Just when you may think that the level of insanity we live under could not rise to a new level, we find ourselves mired in a world where “the authorities” are whispering one “fact” into our left ear, while whispering an opposite “fact” into our right.

The FDA, CDC, WHO and all of their lapdog mouthpieces continue to tout the “safety and effectiveness” of their poison shots, in a never-ending attempt to inject as many humans as possible.

At the same time, they must convince those who have already taken the first of the poison shots that the shot was, in fact, “ineffective” and they now need additional “boosters” to be “safe”.

With more death by “disease” already on the books for 2021 than in 2020, reported “covid vaccine injuries” nearing the 1,000,000 mark and death and adverse reactions from the jabs so commonplace they are becoming chillingly normalized, the irrational and insane push for more injections continues.

In our modern era, many governments have been commandeered by communist, dictatorial and other radical, destructive forces. These takeovers have always occurred after said nation has dealt with such terrible economic, social and military upheaval that the people accept their new servitude as a relief from what they had been facing.

The spoiled, godless masses of our nation have only one great horror to run from, one supreme enemy that is so terrible they will accept the destruction of themselves, their prodigy and everything that was so difficultly earned by their ancestors to overcome it.

They see that enemy every day and they hate it, they hate its hollow, soulless spirit, its weak-spined convictions. They want to destroy it but it follows them wherever they go. They can’t escape it and they never will, because that enemy that they despise so much, that they wish to destroy with all of their might, is themselves.

Published by Jon Collins

Seeking the truth beyond the story and the story behind the truth.

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