The leftist controlled DHS is preparing its enforcers for a situation it is creating.
This situation is being instigated by the institution of an oppressive, irrational and arbitrary federal government forced compliance mandate which is to include forced vaccinations, forced masking, restriction of travel, restriction of firearm ownership and restriction of speech and the redress of government.

This institution is designed in part to charge the emotional state of those already upset with current mandates (we will call them the target demographic) in an attempt to goad these individuals into violent action. To further the chance for violent push-back, the DHS is working to create a protocol wherein any who oppose these mandates will be labeled as “violent extremists”.

This devious, premeditated, non-reactional psychological tactic creates what is called “predictive programing” within the target demographic and the institutional enforcers, whoever they may be.

In the target demographic, labeling them as “violent” and “extreme” consistently and repetitively, even though they are currently not, will eventually lead the weak minded in this group to believe that violence and extremity may be their only course of action.

In the institutional enforcers the labeling of the target demographic as “violent” and “extreme”, even though they are currently not, creates an opinion within their minds that this demographic group has the potential for violent and extreme actions, even though they may not.

Coupled with the current oppressive attempts to restrict the rights and liberties of ordinary, peaceful individuals, this predictive programing creates an inevitable collision course between the target demographic and the enforcers.

This collision course would create what is called a “false flag” attack, wherein one group is coerced into violent action by another for ulterior motives. If the coercion fails, it would be more than safe to assume that plans have been made by clandestine elements of the enforcer groups to themselves conduct “false flag” attacks and blame these attacks on the target demographic.

These tactics are well known amongst any who study history and have been used successfully time and again by the likes of the bolsheviks (Petrograd), nazis (Reichstag) and the manipulators of the U.S. (The Maine, The Lusitania, Operation Northwoods, The Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11).

Once these attacks have happened, all who oppose tyranny and the restriction of individual liberties will be labeled as belonging to the target demographic. At that point, the predictive programing will initiate and the weak minded will become violent and the enforcers will arrest, murder and otherwise attempt to decimate the target demographic.

This situation has long been warned about by those in the know, but sometimes it takes seeing the horror to believe it. And see it we will, because now it is here. It is here because we let this happen.

Our only hope is to get elected to our governments to prevent fraud and corruption, it is the only way to turn back what has now taken firm control of our nation.

Published by Jon Collins

Seeking the truth beyond the story and the story behind the truth.

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