All over the nation, the self-righteous Trump followers will have their mock ceremonies, completely ignorant of the murder and intrigue behind the death, while the mass-media controls the narrative.
The mass-media will show fake remorse and pretend civility to capture the Trump supporter viewership. Then, once they have the followers, they will unleash their narrative. And the left will come.
But before the left comes in person, the mass-media narrative barrage will soften up the ranks: “All of you anti-maskers, look what you have done. You have killed the president. All of you anti-vaccine folks, look what you have accomplished- the death of your president. Shame on you, you are terrible people.”
And the Trump followers, with no one left to follow, will turn in on themselves, defeated. Then the left will come to our doors. Have you taken your vaccine? You’d better, or else. Oh, and remember where you used to get your news? Gone. Remember where you used to get your vitamins? Gone.
There will be no one left to tell the truth, no one left to fend off the hoards. It will be exactly what the left wants, and perhaps exactly what we all deserve.
So send your prayers, good thoughts, positive energies or whatever you believe towards Trump. If the left is able to kill him and claim “Covid-19”, hell will come to this earth, and there will be nowhere left to run.

Published by Jon Collins

Seeking the truth beyond the story and the story behind the truth.

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