Has our Christian-based society been officially defeated?

Published by Jon Collins

Seeking the truth beyond the story and the story behind the truth.


  1. Until you tell the world that we ALL are eternal, electromagnetic, holographic, multidimensional energy and light beings, you are just sitting there doing nothing, unless you are imagining the perfection of this world — which IS very helpful because of nonlocality, where what one photon knows, they all know.
    Get the book Hands of Light written by the physicist Barbara Brennan to see what you look like as an eternal energy and light being/hologram immersed and saturated within the mind of God AS the mind of God. Then give those books away to everyone everywhere.
    Then tell everyone everywhere that death is a lie. We couldn’t die if we wanted to. Quarks/atoms spin and vibrate at the speed of light AND we all exist as 7 billion billion billion of them. We are literally energy and light machines. We pop out of these bodies at what is called death to see we have ALWAYS been eternal holograms having an experience. Proven by quantum physics we are electrical beings constantly being created. AND this creation does NOT create germs or viruses. This creation is a perfect creation existence ALWAYS positive and joyful.
    The pains we have are short circuits. Feelings of hate and depression, and fear, etc. short circuit our perfect electromagnetic bodies. Those 5G weapon towers are insistent on causing everyone to need one of those medical cartel doctors, but we all can learn to vibrate a whole lot faster. That takes the love that says we are all literally ONE. Help another because you know you are one with them. Energy and light just seems to separate, but it does not. Energy and light says race is a lie. This is an illusional world where energy takes the form of objects, which are still energy forms being created. Creation is constant each time a quark bursts forth forming protons and neutrons. Energy does not age because it is always spinning/vibrating in the moment, which is always now.


    1. I understand and I agree for the most part. My focus is that even though we continue beyond this plane, we still need to function within it and expose the evil that is trying to rule it. To do that, I have found, requires communication with those who may not understand or agree with your assertions using base language that can be understood within the context of our physical reality. Hence the blog. See these posts for further context:


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