Some may only equate the words and teachings of Jesus with the institutions that were formed by those wishing to use his name for their own purposes, but know this; His words are not owned or to be used for power, punishment or belittling, they are universal and for the truth and freedom of all peoples, regardless of what we may call ourselves or what others may call us.

Jesus once said, “If you abide in my word you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”.

The freedom he spoke of was not from material bonds, but from the spiritual bonds that humanity so often falls victim to when we lose sight of the truth.

These bonds come in many forms and many of them lead to the material slavery of ourselves and others.

When we speak of the devil on this earth we speak of those in bondage to evil and when a servant of the devil, aware of their servitude or not, speaks a lie in the name of goodness and we believe it, we bind our souls to this lie.

We commit acts against that which is good, in the name of good, because it is a lie.

“When the devil lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies”, Jesus said.

The devil can make his lies easy to believe, for he has no restrictions on his deceptiveness.

He may lie in the name of Jesus, or in the name of peace and the benefit of humanity, but it is still a lie.

This is our challenge as humanity, to see through the lies and not be tempted by the deception.

Some may believe this to be difficult, but it is simple.

To see the lies we must throw off the spiritual trappings of this world, but that is not to say that we must insulate ourselves from all material objects.

Instead, we must forgive ourselves and others, clear our conscience and open our hearts and minds to the truth that Jesus spoke of.

The truth is waiting for us to accept it, and when we do we will know; we will see what is right, and we will see the lies.

It is our obligation to spread the truth and help others to see it, so that we may tip the balance in our universal, spiritual battle of good against evil.

We now live in a world of lies where information is a currency handled by manipulators of facts, deceivers of reality and purveyors of deception.

Information is used to control people and governments, to infiltrate institutions and to degenerate souls.

In this world of lies, truth is a crime and those who stand for truth are criminals.

Most fear the law of the state, but to be a criminal of truth in a state run on lies was the destiny of Jesus, and our clear and righteous souls beckon us towards this end.

So if you feel down or low, perhaps you are living under the false pretense of a lie, and then, fear not.

Jesus is waiting for you to hear the truth so that he may fill your heart with the love he feels for you, and the beauty he sees in you, and for you to know… he will never give up on you.

Published by Jon Collins

Seeking the truth beyond the story and the story behind the truth.

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